16 Nov Patch

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16 Nov Patch

Post by Vortecks » Wed Nov 16, 2005 12:24 pm

November 16th, 2005

*** Depths of Darkhollow***
Many of the single group attainable rewards from the Depths of Darkhollow expansion have received significant upgrades. This includes more than 1,000 items from all over the expansion. Also, to allow players who have deleted items a chance to get them again, the rewards you get for completing a mission the first time are now given to you whenever you complete the mission and do not already have the reward.
We've also made many tuning changes to the DoD missions to provide a smoother ramp up in difficulty over the course of the expansion. In general, earlier missions are now a bit easier and missions further into the expansion are now a bit more challenging, particularly the hard level missions.

*** New Monster Missions ***
- A gnollish zealot has been spotted near the bridge in South Karana. He speaks of the rift within Paw and the final whereabouts of the son of Ishva Mal. Perhaps there is still hope for the prisoners within.
- The Solusek Mining Company has begun recruiting clockwork pilots for a special mission. Report to Clockwork Commander Widgetsworth in Lavastorm for further details.

*** Spells ***
- Several of the abilities used by NPCs in the Demi-Plane of Blood have been modified.
- The Enchanter spell Apathy of the Nihil has been replaced with Dreary Deeds, an upgrade to Forlorn Deeds.
- E`ci's Frosty Breath and Glacier Breath are now much harder to resist.
- Blood of the Spire is now a more potent mana preservation focus.
- Ravenous Hunger has been changed. It is now named "Ravenous Sloth" and is a 40% duration extender on the spell "Lingering Sloth".
- The Aura of Arcanum line of spells should now have the correct spell description.

*** Items ***
- Pumpkin lovers rejoice! Pumpkin items now stack.
- The spell Servant of Marr now properly requires Ink of the Companion.
- Some of the ores that did not stack before now stack. This is from a list provided by the community.
- The drop rate on Shards of Dark Matter has been increased. The high-end Gates of Discord bosses will now drop at least one of them every time they are killed.
- The weight on all versions of the Mask of Horror for the Halloween event has been decreased.
- Ensorcelled Great Sword of the Night should now proc correctly for players at level 55 and greater who can wield the sword. The Greatsword is also more visually imposing.
- All none/none flagged containers in the game are now flagged as all/all. This should fix some issues with containers not showing up in varied item searches in the bazaar and item point vendors.
- Some of the "Last Blood" augmentations now have stronger focus effects.
- Darkhollow Constitutional will now return a normal cork, not the dissolving kind.
- Statuette of the Tranquil is now called "Amice of the Tranquil" and is a shoulder slot item. The AC has been increased and the avoidance has been replaced with accuracy.
- Woven Shadow Shroud is now called "Woven Shadow Stone" and is a range slot item. The item now has points in backstab damage.
- Razorsharp Shortsword is now not usable by berserkers.
- Dragon Scale Tiara is now named "Dragon Scale Eyepatch"
- Azure Sleeves of the Diplomat and Azure Cowl of the Diplomat have lost their +attack bonus.
- Azure Slippers of the Diplomat have lost their attack bonus and have received a +2 to mana regen.
- Eulogy, the Bloodthirsty Blade now has higher hit points.
- Bard instruments will drop less frequently in the Demi-Plane of Blood and a maximum of once per kill.
- The Insidious Hooded Cloak now has its specialization modifier set to alteration instead of conjuration.
- The Ancient Werewolf Skull evolving item now has augmentation slots at each stage in evolution.
- The Sharpshooting VI spell effect on Soulseeker, Death's Sigh is now worn instead of combat.
- The Polished Chitin War Horn now has an augment slot.
- Ancient Cudgel of Slaughter now has resistance modifiers.
- Though it is still magnetic, a magnetic metal brick will no longer stick to your hands.

*** Missions, Tasks & Quests ***
- Adjusted the experience reward for monster missions to better reflect the amount of effort the mission requires. Missions that could be finished very quickly are now worth less experience and missions that are taking longer to complete are now worth more experience.
- High Seas Rogues have regained the ability to evade!
- All Drachnid Hive level 65 missions should now give out the appropriate one time rewards.
- Artisan Dosan Vis’Moor, Vivian Selgan, and Gart Okken should now be accepting items for the tasks that they give.
- Additional text has been added to the "Investigate a Disappearance" task that begins in Freeport that should help clear up a confusing spot late in the task.
- Aid Fimli in the Plane of Knowledge will now reward you with a cloak of lesser pernicity that matches the stats of the original cloak of greater pernicity. In addition the cloak of greater pernicity has been changed to be no drop.
- The Misty for You quest now works properly.

*** UI ***
- The GuildManagement window has a new tab "Information", which contains the MOTD fields, as well as two new fields for Guild web URL and Guild channel specification. These new fields are changeable by the Guild leader only.

*** Tradeskills ***
- The spell Light of Order will now use the proper ink.
- Poison Vials made with Crows Special Brew now show properly in the Tradeskill UI.
- Players baking with pumpkin will now get their tools back when they mess up.
- Players making Spiced Pumpkin Cider no longer have to hold it in their hands. The recipe now requires a bottle.

*** NPCS ***
- The Knight of the Dread Sun will now make his appearance more often.
- Fixed an issue in Dreadspire that could cause some of the residents of the crypt to aggro through the roof.
- Ogres will now be able to get the thread for their cultural armor without having to fight off guards.

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RE: 16 Nov Patch

Post by Kayrian » Wed Nov 16, 2005 1:37 pm

- Adjusted the experience reward for monster missions to better reflect the amount of effort the mission requires. Missions that could be finished very quickly are now worth less experience and missions that are taking longer to complete are now worth more experience.
I knew I should have taken a week off work doing the fairy mission again and again....... :) Oh well, at least I have gotten three levels for my pally.


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