Tardar - A deep, heart felt, request for forgivness

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Tardar - A deep, heart felt, request for forgivness

Postby Truthseeker » Tue Oct 11, 2005 7:41 pm


I want to appologize to you with all my heart and ask for you to forgive me.

I asked all of our group to stay out, or die, or gate, because only 18 are allowed in the undead zone.

I was trying to get Szork and his group in there to kill the mobs and prevent us from failing the trials.

I totally forgot and until Unikyte sent me a tell, I did not realize you were not with us.

I am truly and deeply sorry this happened. You did not do anything wrong. I did. I was totally at fault.

Will you please forgive me.


I am sorry - I can not even get the name right

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Postby Tardar » Thu Oct 13, 2005 11:42 am

Truth, you have nothing to be sorry for. Honestly. You are the leader, and I followed your instructions as best as I understood them.

I was extremely confused at the time, but that's OK. In the middle of a raid is not the time to nitpick stuff like that, and I have every intention of talking to you about it in game, just so I understand in the future.

I respect and understand how difficult it is to lead a raid, or even a portion of one. Especially when things were going the way they were.

I was tired and frustrated that night so I logged. Again, that is nothing you have to apologize for. I'm responsible for that.