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VIRUS that will crash ur comp

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2005 12:15 am
by Meurdar
Hell 0 all for some of u that dont know ther is a nasty virus runn round and u dont have to download it to get it . is all u have to do is be online wich most of us are all the time what it dose is makes ur comp reboot over and over again and eventualy it will fry it . lot of ppl pay top dollar for anti-viurs programs and they dont work . i highly recomend everyone visiting this webpage . they have some of the best anti-viurs programs u will ever find for FREE they are all written by ppl that are (programers/hackers) this web page dose scan and test most of there programs b4 they offer them to the public (will have a note if it has not been tested yet ) they also have great info on puters and programs and lots of other free programs that will help ur comp run faster and smother . hope this helps all the ppl with no anti-virus or just outdated ones. tchien if u have any more probs just send tell ingame and i will do all i can to help get ur puter stright . :twisted: tankn-enc :meurdar