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Post by Goofydoofy » Tue Jun 14, 2005 9:30 pm

I was looking for a explanation on your raid point system. I have noticed a min. bid on things and then people rolling. I was told attendance and how big of a upgrade was also a factor. I was also told that the information on your system was listed on the website. I've looked on this site and ezboard and can't find it any place. Am I missing something or is it not there?

Maybe post me a link here? If if isn't posted anymore, please outline how your system works so I know in the future.

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Post by Jhereg » Tue Jun 14, 2005 9:50 pm

The exact rules are in the member only section of the forums, but i'll cover an outline fast.

It basically goes like this, the roll was on an old spell rune because its random what results and we don't charge for them. Usually I ml them to people but i knew several there needed so wanted to save a step. Same on spectrals.

The cnp of an item is calculated by its stats, so the higher the stats the more it costs. We generally offer it at max price first, no alts or people with negative points can ask then. If no one wants it, we set a half price on it and any member can bid then from half price or half price+1point upwards. Highest offer basically wins. Alts are charged double price, so no matter what they spend full price or higher on this step. If no one wants it the item goes to god loot where the officer tries to make some fair decision on who it upgrades the most or who has helped the guild most lately, etc. Lots of intangibles in that part so hard to make choices.

Raid points given are related to how many people came, and how many cnp points were spent on the drops.

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