Sense Heading: Update to Heroic Adventure Lockouts

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Sense Heading: Update to Heroic Adventure Lockouts

Post by Tarvas » Mon Oct 27, 2014 3:53 pm

Update to Heroic Adventure Lockouts
Phathom, post: 3139969, member: 218 wrote:Tweetle-see, Tweetle-do. Okay folks, I tweeted out last week that we would have some additional information to share today about the Heroic Adventure lockouts and here is that information for you. After the Darkened Sea™ expansion launch tomorrow, we will be looking at addressing a number of concerns with these adventures. We do realize that the level of reward versus risk is not uniform across Heroic Adventures and that has created opportunities to repeatedly farm specific ones. The simplest task should not also be the most rewarding, so they need to be adjusted.

After we have verified these are all technically possible, here are some steps we will be taking towards to adjust Heroic Adventures:

· We intend to look at all Heroic Adventures to not only smooth out the peaks but to also adjust for the valleys. This means that while some of the more rewarding heroic adventures may be less rewarding or more difficult, some of the less rewarding Heroic Adventures will have their difficulty and rewards evaluated as well.

· We want to move some of the Experience gains to the completion of a Heroic Adventure. Currently, the lion's share of the experience obtained from a Heroic Adventure comes from killing relatively easy NPCs and we'd rather it be from the more meaningful components of completing the task's objectives. It will still be possible to chain a particular Heroic Adventure to look for a rare or collection item so long as the task is dropped before completion, but that shouldn't also be the best way to get experience.

· We want to look at reducing the duration of the lockout timers after we have gone through each Heroic Adventure. We won’t be going back to zero hours, but six is more than we need/want.

· Each day, we want to offer a few random daily Heroic Adventures that can be completed for bonus experience. You might think of this like “daily quests” of Heroic Adventures that change daily.

· And finally, we want to lower the minimum level to do Call of the Forsaken™ Heroic Adventures from 85 to 75. This comes with additional itemization for these adventures as well.

Again, we have some investigation to do on all of these before we apply changes which means that all of the above is not set in stone. In our development process, sometimes we learn that it is not possible to do everything that we want due to a limitation on a tool, tech or functionality. However, it is our goal to hit on each and every one of the bullet points I listed above but we have to give you this footnote --- just in case.

Thank you for your time on this.

See you in game!

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Re: Sense Heading: Update to Heroic Adventure Lockouts

Post by Sharrien » Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:32 pm

I think these are some good ideas. Artificial lock outs just piss people off.
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