New Music Today, Plane of War tomorrow + more!

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New Music Today, Plane of War tomorrow + more!

Post by Tarvas » Tue Apr 01, 2014 1:29 pm

New Music Today, Plane of War tomorrow + more!
Phathom, post: 3073442, member: 218 wrote:I'm sure you are well aware by now of the new music today. Countless hours were put in to create such a masterpiece. Many developers wanted to be part of that but only a few could. It was so popular that there was constant banging on the audio room door while this was being recorded. ....we eventually unlocked the door and let everyone out. :D We hope you enjoyed the change.

Now tomorrow, we have an update that features the launch of the Plane of War. It is targeting level 95+ to get in and in about a month, we will be releasing an additional Raid and Mission which can be attempted by level 85+.

There are also some changes to Heroic Characters

like wiping all experience from corpses if you are upgrading an existing character up to level 85

Player-castable Auras

They are being changed to last 75 minutes now instead of 30 minutes

Also, there are many other changes coming tomorrow. If you have already read some of the test notes, then you know about this. But what you probably haven't heard are some other changes that may or may not affect the each player. Here they are:

All evac spells will now have a confirmation. Players have been complaining that they weren't ready so we're allowing you to be 100% sure.
Fellowships will now consist of the following: four Halflings, a Dwarf, a Ranger, an Elf, a Warrior and a Wizard.
The entrance to the Burned Woods has been moved and can now be found south of Freeport.
Mounts have been change and everyone must be at least forty-two inches tall to ride. Sorry Halflings.
Pets and Mercenaries can now be disciplined via the in-game voice chat. Their behavior will change accordingly.
Voice chat is now required for all spell casting and Bards will now have to sing and play appropriate instruments into their mics.
Depending on which zone you are in, the Overthere may be referred to as just Here.
The following zones: the Forgotten Halls and the Forgotten Temple of Taelosia have had major upgrades....but...I can't remember what it is now.
After much debate over proper pronunciation, the following Norrath zones and names: Qeynos, Halas, Najena and Firiona Vie have been properly renamed and can be pronounced as Qeynos, Halas, Najena and Firiona Vie. Please make note and say this correctly now.

We hope you have a great day and a great April 1st!

Best regards,

Thom Terrazas
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Re: New Music Today, Plane of War tomorrow + more!

Post by Goofydoofy » Tue Apr 01, 2014 1:38 pm

Yea, April Fools. Get over it!
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