Vanyanaa 81 wizzy

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Vanyanaa 81 wizzy

Post by Vanyanaa » Sun Feb 14, 2010 6:09 pm

Your Main Character
-Name: Vanyanaa
-Class: Wizard
-Race: Dark Elf
-Number of AAs: 642
-Magelo Number -
-List which keys and flags you have:
Trakanon Idol, Enchanted Ring of Torden
Blackfeather Roost flags
Void D,working on E.

-List your alts on this server (name, level, class):
Koros, Ranger lvl 75

A Little Bit About Yourself :

-When do you normally play EQ? What is your time zone?
a couple of hours between 9am and 1pm central time, and Sundays as per my work schedule

-CN generally raids Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8 pm Eastern Time. Raiding is not required, but we would like to know what % of raids you think you will attend.
I have the pleasure of working evenings Mon-Sat, 3:30p till 2am atm, but I hope to get to raid some on Saturdays as reallife permits.Maybe 10% atm.

-Please tell us which other guilds you have been a member of and why you chose to leave.
Ultimate Vindicators: The guild pretty much died. A handfull of peeps chose to create their own guild and asked if I'd like to join.
The new guild is called Marauders of Vengence
-If you are still a member in another guild, please explain: Marauders of Vengence-They are aware that I am apping to CN.

-Which members of CN do you know? Have you had a chance to raid or group with us?
I have grouped with Dethwulf,Cyneless,Cynebadd,Muneca,Giffader,Yirrin,Magestyx and Syneminne.I have not been on a raid yet but looking forward to the chance.

-Why are you applying to CN?
I have some good friends who are in your guild.They have helped me a lot and I was unable to play much when they apped to CN.I have heard good stuff about CN and would love to become part of the family.

-Tell us what your goals are for applying. What do you hope to get out of the guild?
Character advancement and growing as a better wizzy,raiding with friends,learning as much as I can. I dislike soloing and look foward to being a team member.

-Have you read the CN Rules and Policies and understand them?

Optional Info

-What do you do in real life?
My real life name is Steven
I'm a married sheetmetal worker, father of five, grandfather of one.
I enjoy playing EQ, camping, fishing, canoeing, hunting, bicycling, gardening/foraging, and sport shooting

-Where are you from?
Independence, Missouri

-Would you consider traveling to attend annual CN gatherings at various places in North America?

-What is your favourite colour?

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Re: Vanyanaa 81 wizzy

Post by Larulik » Wed Feb 17, 2010 5:58 am

Oh crap.. from Independence? Does that mean that you can deliver some meth to me in St Joseph? lol
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Re: Vanyanaa 81 wizzy

Post by Jhereg » Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:41 am

More seriously, contact an officer or member in game about the app channel. I also run small raids in older zones on sunday nights at 8pm EDT often, this week is a trip back to Planes of power for flags fo alts, etc. Next week will be Inktu'ta a flagging zone in Gates of Discord.

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Re: Vanyanaa 81 wizzy

Post by Littlabit » Wed Feb 17, 2010 2:25 pm

have sent a PM to him and gave him contact info to find me in game
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