OK So my attitude is re-adjusted... but...

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OK So my attitude is re-adjusted... but...

Post by Merizel » Sun Feb 17, 2008 7:48 pm

... it's not really re-adjusted 'cause that just wouldn't be me :D

Can the useless ranger with no loyalty to guild and will constantly turn her turn her back on her dearest friends come home... AGAIN?!

Let's see..


1) Knowing several in CN and having a good reference by them helps generally when applying, but its not required at the moment. ...ayup.

2) Read the CN Rules and Policies.
well... just said read them... ayup.

3) Meet the level/AA requirements.. We have a "sliding scale". You must meet one of the following:
Level 73 with 400 AAs, or
Level 74 with 350 AAs, or
Level 75 with 300 AAs.
We can no longer make exceptions to this rule. Please do not apply to CN until you meet this guideline.

..and then some... ayup...

4) Patience. The guilding process normally purposefully takes 2-3 weeks and weeds out a few of the guild hopper types. After submitting a valid app, you will be invited into our apps channel, and are immediately welcome at all guild events, raids, and experience groups. Members provide feedback and cast votes on applicants during this period. Generally, the more you participate in our apps channel, the faster the process will go for you. Often there are restrictions on loots for apps, but never on excess flags.

ZOIKS! I'm in trouble now!

5) Please understand that while we do not have any current requirements on flags and keys, your chances of participation with guild members both in group and in raids are greatly increased if you're flagged for the same zones we are. Therefore, if you're not currently able to zone into places like Dreadspire, Anguish, and Theater of Blood please actively work on them.

I don't believe I'm missing any flags for any of the zones you are currently raiding...

Your Main Character

-Name: Merizel Dawnmist
-Class: Ranger (aka trailertrash)
-Race: Woodelf (aka not an assling)
-Level: 80
-Number of AAs: 2112... RUSH rulez! (the band ain't too shabby either)
-Magelo Number (if you have one): What so you can doubt RUSH rulez?! :D
-List which keys and flags you have: EP, Time, CoA, DSK, Demi, ToB, a mission or 2 shy of Deathknell... I can already see getting a no vote 'cause someone is going to have to put them all back in

-List your alts on this server (name, level, class): Well there was that one skanky cleric bitch but I believe I've buried her deep enough this time.. she's like a damn cockroach though...

A Little Bit About Yourself

-What are a few things you enjoy most about playing EQ? (For example: raiding, grouping, soloing, tradeskilling, exploring, questing, etc) Raiding-SUX, Grouping-only if Candeys gives me lollipops, Soloing -SUX, Tradeskilling - Does candeys have another lollipop?, Exploring - Does anything see invis?, Questing - omg please don't tell me there's an epic 3.0 now!

-Tell us some of your short and long term goals for your character. (For example: quests, epic, tradeskills, leveling, AA ability, etc) Short term - I JUST WANNA COME HOME!!!! Long term - Find a good doctor to prescribe me meds so I don't have another psychotic break and leave again!

-When do you normally play EQ? What is your time zone? EST.. yup... I hate you all you jackasses in CA for screwing up monday night football...

-CN generally raids Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8 pm Eastern Time. Raiding is not required, but we would like to know what % of raids you think you will attend. ...uhm... check CNP... but 80%ish mostly....

-Please tell us which other guilds you have been a member of and why you chose to leave. /cough

-If you are still a member in another guild, please explain: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! /cough /cough

Your Experience with CN

-Which members of CN do you know? Have you had a chance to raid or group with us? :D

-Why are you applying to CN? Is there a specific reason you chose to apply to our guild? Uhm... maybe I love you guys? :oops:

-Tell us what your goals are for applying. What do you hope to get out of the guild? Maybe you still love me even though I'm a shithead? :oops:

-Have you read the CN Rules and Policies and understand them? uhm... I read... I understand.... does that mean I have to behave or can I just be me?! :D

Optional Info

-What do you do in real life? Sr. Field Service Engineer for a defense contractor.

-Where are you from? Originally? My mommy... then grew up in a farm in GC PA (GO STEELERS!)... pretty much lately any which way the wind blows...

-Would you consider traveling to attend annual CN gatherings at various places in North America? You really wanna see a girl drink Zyton under the table?

-What is your favourite colour? (with Canadian spelling) Greeneh! (Go figure)

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Re: OK So my attitude is re-adjusted... but...

Post by Silly » Sun Feb 17, 2008 9:42 pm

You're almost as insane as Goofy, but I have missed you anyway :D

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Re: OK So my attitude is re-adjusted... but...

Post by Merizel » Sun Feb 17, 2008 10:07 pm

Goofy is an amateur...

He expects people to love him for free foraged food/water...

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Re: OK So my attitude is re-adjusted... but...

Post by Lanyder » Mon Feb 18, 2008 5:27 am

Lol, welcome back :)

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Re: OK So my attitude is re-adjusted... but...

Post by Candeys Treats » Mon Feb 18, 2008 7:43 am

Merizel for President !!!
i can be quite charming if i'm not mezzing around !


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Re: OK So my attitude is re-adjusted... but...

Post by Sno » Mon Feb 18, 2008 8:44 am

ive soooo missed you !

thank you thank you thank you for the massive headache i got from laughing so hard



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Re: OK So my attitude is re-adjusted... but...

Post by Oaklen » Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:14 pm

Great to see you back Meri. One of these days I will figure out what happened, but I am glad to have you back babe. <hug>
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Re: OK So my attitude is re-adjusted... but...

Post by Erwin » Mon Feb 18, 2008 9:49 pm

We're all a little bit crazy, we just have different ways of showing it. You deguild, I kick homeless people; who am I to judge?

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