Gaedar - 70 Level warrior.

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Gaedar - 70 Level warrior.

Post by Gaedar » Mon Apr 17, 2006 3:01 pm

I have been in the following guilds since I started playing over 5 years ago. Valiant Souls with Midasa, then most of the guild went to Fantasy 1.0 were I stay there until the guild disbanded and reformed FA. I know Keizer from FA, he was one of the top warriors with his other character. Would like to get a chance to see if this old warrior can hang with you. Thanks for your time.

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Post by Rendus » Mon Apr 17, 2006 3:16 pm

If you could, would you please fill out our <a href=" ... membership application?</A>

The info in the app gives us a lot of insight into the player behind the character, giving us a bit of a head start on getting to know you ;)

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Post by Gaedar » Mon Apr 17, 2006 7:47 pm

70 level Warrior
245 AA's
This is my main for over 5 years now.
I have everything for Potime except Rathe council but I have PoTime quintensences to get in. Have Seb, HS, Sleepers tomb, Vex Thal, PoEarthB, HoHb, VX access as well. Have the first two God trials done but that is were it stops.
Jboots, Fable shrunkin goblin skull earring, Coldain's hero insignia ring (9th), bracer of the hidden and Goblin Gazughi ring for instant clickies. Fable pegasus feather cloak, Kizrak's greaves of battle, Kizrak gauntlets of battle and Cobalt bracer for buffs.
Amulet of the Grey wastes for EB item.
I like being in the front part of battle, trying my best to keep the mob under control until it can be taken out. In many groups I am allowed to be the puller, love doing that as I get more agro.
I have gotten my tradeskills above 229 now for my grimel earring which is stuck at the tailoring combine (failed first attempt) and need only the staff from PoAir for the fletching part to have all the supplies I need for it. I used to love to raid when I was able to hold my own but when I was forced to work second shift, I lost the major desire to raid and was only there as lame Dps. I love to explore the game zones. Soloing and warriors have never mixed well, I have a necro and wizzy alt.'s but can drive myself to level them up to high levels. They are 43 and 42 level.
Typical evening, I have been seriously burned out on tradeskill farming as I just finished skilling my tailoring up about a month ago high enough to do grimel earring quest. Now being stuck on getting components is driving me crazy. So mostly right now I sit LFG, I get tells but since my gear isnt up to snuff, I get turned down alot.
Hmm, short and long term goals. Well, would like to finish my grimel earring, was going to do another to the second best one but the hard times of getting supplies changed my mind. My epic, have 1.0 and I had gotten my 1.5 to Vx as soon as it was possible for a warrior to get his ground spawns in DS. I was first in my old guild to get epic to that point. And that is were it was left at. Would like to some day do the 10th ring war and get my last part of coldain ring. Would like to get into Qvic and get the next gear upgrades or get PoTime upgrades, I have two from there already.
I am on eastern standard time and get home from work about 5:30pm. Can play to 11pm most of the time and rarely to Midnight. I have to be at work by 6am.
My alts. are Corumzen and Aaldar, have 5 mule alts. not worth listing.
My first guild was Valiant Souls. It went down hill when the guild leader died from a brain tumor. EQ had a fishing contest in FV in his honor. Most of the VS members went to Fantasy 1.0, I followed the masses to be with the most friends possible. I was MA and SA during those days, Merrahar (moved to Euro server) and Reijo (still playing in AD guild on this server) were the other tanks in the guild. I was MA only when they were not around, lol, tanking with my treeweave Bp in Hall of Honor in ToV for 12 to 15 hours a day while i was laid off. Then the guild started breaking up and the guild leader disbanded the whole guild. Fantasy Awakened was formed about a month after that. I joined FA and we moved on into Pop zones. But then I had to take a second shift job and that was the start of all my problems. My gear wasnt good enough as time wore on and when WoW and Starwars came out and people left the game, I lost alot of old friends. I left FA last July but I actually would say FA moved on without me. All because I was working second shift. I know am working days once again and probably forever, the old feelings of playing the game are still there, just need a new home. Hope I find it in CN.
Keizer was one of FA's top tank a few years ago and Balz went through our guild not long after that. Keizer and I were in Fantasy 1.0.
Why CN, well you are just a little passed were FA left me at. I would much rather continue with the game than just jump to the end of it. And going back to before Pop has zero interest to me.
Hmm, what will I get out of CN. I hope the most important thing, friends. Mine are all gone or moved up to high to give me much thought. And for what I hope will change, I hope to be able to advance once again. Ive been on permanant hold since July and slow moving for 3 years before that.
Yes to rules

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Post by Viceris » Tue Apr 18, 2006 5:22 pm

Glad to see your app. Will look for you in the app channel :)

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Post by garelorf » Wed Apr 26, 2006 2:19 pm

Gaedar is a good guy and helpful , i always considered him a friend and a good person. he knows his class and always as far as i could tell was on the ball when it came to doing his job. However, i feel he was always a little hard on himself. I never thought you were gimp Gaedar, i was suprised when you left FA, but always wished you the best.
Hopefully u guys tag this good person and good tank


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