65 mage comes back home

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65 mage comes back home

Post by Guest » Fri Dec 09, 2005 11:30 am

The Basics

Name: Garathan Kneenibbler
Class: Mage
Magelo: junk gear, embarrassed to show :P
level: 65, workin on finding OOW expan so i can level....
Alternate Advancements: 73, workin hard
Flags and Keys. several beginner flags in elementals, hoh pov and such
Enduring Breath item?: tons

What do you enjoy about your class: mainly the ability to dish out enourmous DPS, but i also enjoy being able to summon useless items, they make parties so much more fun

What Are the few things you enjoy most about playing EQ: i like killing anything that is taller than me. i enjoy goofin around with guildies, getting serious and taking down gods then continue to goof around. out of WoW and shadowbane, EQ has still stood the test and i dont see myself playing anything else. i also enjoy learning new things about raids and such even though im already pretty experienced. i was in guilds like triality and eternal advocates, but i didnt like the ######## styles.

Typical Day for me: well i usually play my alts because i dont have much motivation on my main. but when i do play him i do LDoN's or planes exp.

What is my timezone and or playtimes: my timezone is central, and i play whenever i can, mainly mondays tuesdays and wednesdays at night are the most common times, but i play at times all over the place

Your Experiences with CN: well, back in about 2001 or so, i was in this guild when it was a wee little baby, i can remember raiding the level 20-30 zone Cazic Thule lol. and then again before i left for WoW (big mistake) i was in CN which was only 4 or 5 months ago if i remember correctly. I know a few people in CN from long ago, just a few include Silly, Blades, Zat and so on.

Goals for applying: im sure everyone wants good gear and such, but i mainly want in for the people. playing EQ is fun, but its much more enjoyed with other people.

I have Read CN Policies and are mainly common sense that everyone should do in the game no matter. I also saw that you guys arent recruiting any more people, but dont think of me as recruitment, think of me as your long lost son :P

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RE: 65 mage comes back home

Post by Nimor » Sat Dec 10, 2005 12:22 am

Welcome back Garathan. Long time no see :)

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Post by Silly » Mon Dec 12, 2005 11:08 am

Good morning & Good to seeing you back in EQ!

While applications are closed atm, we've been known to make an exception for a former member. A couple questions though as we can't find you on any of our former rosters. While we did have you listed as an applicant (before you went MIA) in October, 2004; you said then:
Do you know any current members of CN? yes a few Have you ever raided or hunted with us? yes, and yes Please give specific names and events if you can remember. Giff, Geekjoker, Kathan, Nebeconuzer *sp* at a raid in cazic thule november 2001.
I'm guessing you were just a guest and not a member, unless you had a different character then as you're not on any of our rosters. Yes, we have bad memories, so we save everything.

Anyhow, unless you can show that you were in fact a member, we're going to have to abide by the rules and ask that you wait until applications are open again before applying.

Thanks, sorry for the inconvenience, and hope to talk to you soon!



Post by Guest » Wed Dec 14, 2005 1:01 pm

The first time i was in CN it was with my dwarf warrior Garwar Grumbleboots back when Wist's druid was leading it. I cant really think of how i could have any written proof of being a member after that because i started my mage. The 2nd time was with my mage Garathan, im not sure i wasnt on the roster, probably because i was still semi new the 2nd time. The only things i could offer as proof would be to ask members that might remember me. Other than that i could just tell you some things that we raided or whatnot but thats not documented. maybe i could find a screenshot or 2 that has me with u guys. either way i would like to obide by the rules and if i have to, i can wait to be official again. Im no longer 65 with 73 AA's. im 66 with 103 AA's so im almost at the requirements. Nice to see u again Silly :). i remember a specific instance where we killed Derikor the Vindicator in kaal and we owned him. But ya, back to leveling for me :)

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Post by Teory » Wed Dec 14, 2005 1:42 pm

Garwar Warrior 31 Dwarf Main

Hehe, your warrior did show up on our roster from way way back though :) I think the only question of your membership related to the more recent time - we did have a previous application thread from you which gets archived when you get guilded - yours got moved to MIA, not to guilded last time.

All of that rambling administrative stuff aside, good to hear you are back in Norrath and look forward to getting reacquainted. We have a definite shortage of gnomes these days.
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Post by Silly » Thu Dec 15, 2005 10:21 am

Woot the name's great hun thanks. As you probably know (being oldschool & all) we have a soft spot in our hearts for long lost friends :)

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