Gravescythe, 65 Shadowknight Former member

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Gravescythe, 65 Shadowknight Former member

Post by gardel3rd » Sun Oct 16, 2005 4:54 pm

Gravescythe (Former member)
51 AA's
Keys: Tactics, seb, BoT towers, and 3 hits from EP flagged.
Clicky Buffs: jboots, goblin skull earring, telescope.....all instant
EB Item: Fishbone Earring

A Little Bit About Yourself

I play shadowknight because of the roleplay aspect of being evil. I also like to be in front lines of battle and tend to tank in most online games.

I like to travel around and farm obscure things with friends, like Kaladim guard heads (im evil). I like the atmosphere of raiding and helping people with epic stuff, I don't like to quest but I like to help others with quests.

My goal are to rejoin the good group of people that CN once was when I quit 2 years ago. Another goal is to become a worthy enough tank for old school raid mobs.

I'm on pacific time I usually play about 5 pst on weekdays and noon on the weekends.

I have no alts.

I raided with Eternal Advocates though I never became a member, I can't remember the last guild I was actually in, I was in a guild called Loved and hated like 3 years ago with Saphirone.

Not currently guilded

Your Experience with CN

I have raided with CN many times doing a wide assortment of epic hits back when CN did not do PoP. I know Quiigon, Saphirone, Silly, and Jhereg. familiar names from the old school include Geekjoker, Szork, Drdeath, Ashlarus, Richardraul and Dificeman.

I am applying to Cn because my two best online friends are in CN and I like to raid difficult mobs. I know your leadership has greatly improved since I joined 2 years ago. I enjoy doing spontaneous raid hits and dueling on occasion.

I hope to make even more friends from CN then I already have in the past. Although most of them are no more, I'm sure there is an array of people among you that i would gladly call friend.

-I have read the CN Rules and Policies and understand and agree with them (Yes/No) >>>Yes<<<

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RE: Gravescythe, 65 Shadowknight Former member

Post by Saphirone » Sun Oct 16, 2005 5:33 pm


MUHAHAHA!! Feel like baking up some Halfing surprise?
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Post by Kinarie » Mon Oct 17, 2005 3:50 am

I agree with Saphi :( Destroyed our factions with various zones!

btw /wave, yay for Grave!

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Post by Flyyzipper » Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:40 pm

what?? where the poll?? I know Gravescythe, seriously he's one that i would call one of my BEST eq friends. He has a tendency to kill peoples faction whether it be in neriak, kaladim(muahahahahaha!!!), Felwithe, Cabilis, or where ever hehe, you never know what he's got up his sleeves for the night when you log on. I think that kind of spontaneous murdering is what makes Graves who he is, and why so many who know him either love him like a brother or hate him like they hate no other. GUILD HIM!!

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Post by Flyyzipper » Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:44 pm

hehehe!!! I forgot all about Loved and hated lol Saphi sure did an.... ummmm....... interesting job recruiting for that guild....hahaha!!

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Post by Pohl » Mon Oct 17, 2005 10:20 pm

I remember him, Nothing particular really but he was in CN back in the early days when we raided stuff like PoFear, PoHate, and did 1.0's a lot.


Post by gardel3rd » Wed Oct 19, 2005 11:43 am

Oh Drdeath is Pohl! At first I was like "hey I remember Pohl from back in the day too!" but your the same guy....haha


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