Level 70 Warrior Looking to join

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Level 70 Warrior Looking to join

Post by Bandido » Sun Jun 19, 2005 7:49 am

Hello everyone!
This is Bandido and I'm a level 70 warrior that is looking to join Celestial Navigators and progress through PoP, GoD, OOW wit yas!

Here's my app:

The Basics

-Name Bandido
-Class Warrior
-Level 70
-How many AAs? about 170 last time I stopped counting.
-Is this character a main or an alt? Main
-List which keys and flags you have. VT, ST, few others.
-Do you have a clicky buff item? Yes, forgot the name right now, but it's for back that gives extra AC. Got Health on legs also and ATK on ear item.
-Do you currently have an Enduring Breath item? Sure do!

A Little Bit About Yourself

-What are a few things you enjoy most about your class? Tanking named mobs! It's fun! :)
-What are a few things you enjoy most about playing EQ? (For example: raiding, grouping, soloing, tradeskilling, exploring, questing, etc) All of the above. Mostly, progression.
-Give us an example of what you normally do when you play right now. Raid most of the time.
What does a typical evening of playing EQ look like? Login, check MOTD and raid with guild. If no raid, check to see if others are need of a tank. Then find a group and assist in taking down some mobs! :)
-Tell us some of your short and long term goals for your character. (For example: quests, epic, tradeskills, leveling, AA ability, etc) Short term goals are to get some items in OOW to build up AC and HP. I'm kind of weak on them at the moment. Long term is to get into Qvic, pass OOW trials then ultimately into Anguish.
-When do you normally play EQ? What is your time zone? 7pm Eastern is usually when I'm on.
-Please list your alts on this server (just names).
-Please tell us which other guilds you have been a part of and why you chose to leave. Impetus - Because they have way too many warriors. The guild leader is warrior also and also they are getting a bad reputation on the EQ maelin boards because they don't know when to stop talking.
-If you are still a member in another guild we want to know that too and why.

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Post by Silly » Mon Jun 20, 2005 8:09 am

Hiya Bandido!

Nice to see your application. Either someone will be in touch with you or feel free to shoot us a tell for the applicants channel.

I see on your flags you have VT, ST, and a few others. Do you have any PoP flags? If not you may want to look into doing the ToSR Alternate Access quest in the meantime, it is very quick and easy (kill one mob, turn piece in).

Anyway, I hope to see you around!
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Post by Bandido » Mon Jun 20, 2005 2:43 pm

Yes, I have TOSR alternate access flag already. Also have Agnarr, MB, Grummus, AD, PoS, PoJ, Saryrn, Bertoxxulous, Mithaniel Marr.

Only missing HoH dragon trial and Solusek Ro for full elemental access. I also have pofire flag already.

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Post by Galarina » Tue Jun 21, 2005 6:04 am

Thank you for your interest and app, Bandido. Glad you apped. As Silly mentioned, be sure and get with us ingame and get our apps channel info. That's where we get to know each other and all that. I'm looking forward to meeting and knowing you.

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Post by Silly » Tue Jun 21, 2005 8:29 am

Ahh, thanks for the update on the PoP flags, that's always good to know ;)

See you around soon!

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