Level 61 Rogue

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Level 61 Rogue

Post by Nixia » Sun Apr 24, 2005 2:44 pm

Hello CN
My name is Nixia. I am a level 61 rogue with 7 AAs as of today. This is my main character. I currently do not have any enduring breath items, but I do have some clicky armor (throwing knives, illusions, some buffs). My only flag is a PoJ trial and i did the hedge maze in PoN. I still have to kill terris thule to complete that flag.
Honestly, I think that rogues are the best class out there. We can do massive damage quickly, and we also get lots of interesting skills. That probably why enjoy them soo much. I love grouping and questing when possible. Normally when I log on, I try and find any group that is fighting anywhere. That is really all I get to do. I try to get on EQ as much as possilbe, but school sometimes interferes, so I may not be able to make it on some nights. During the week, when I do get to play, I am usually on anytime between 4 and 9 eastern time. Weekends, if im not out with anyone, I can get on almost anytime, mostly afternoons. I only have one alt right now, a 35 Necromancer named Elocinn. I am currently part of Caelum, but looking for a new guild because it seems that Caelum isn't very interactive with its members. I have also been in Tyrants of Rage, but that guild fell apart and its leader recommended me to Caelum.
Today, I spent a while with Edhil, Tkann, and some other CN members in the Bloodfields. The group was amazing and I had a blast. They got me interested in joining the guild and told me where to go and everything. The main reason I want to join this guild is so when I do log on with Nixia, I will be able to actually do something with some friends, instead of just finding a random group with people I've never grouped with before.
I have read your Rules and Policies. Sorry for giving such a lengthy application. I will be looking forward to hearing from this guild. Even if I am not accepted, I will be glad to group with anyone of you.


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Post by Tkann » Sun Apr 24, 2005 7:25 pm

hey Nix, glad to see your app :D look forward to seeing you in the apps channel!
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