lvl 62 druid LFG =)

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lvl 62 druid LFG =)

Post by Deifian » Thu Mar 31, 2005 7:35 pm

Level: 62 and leveling (2 aa's Runspeed first)
Main or alt: Main
I have a enduring breath item (lodiz shell)
Do u have a clicky buff : .. telescope

LiL info- I log on around 6pm or so get off arond 2 am pst i like raiding lvling aa xpin and just hanging

why do u like druid : porting healing nuking kiteing quading and just pawning things =)

I was about to join CN about 5 months ago's before i quit =(
but i was in vantage but they fell apart

I have raided ssra with yall and just hung out i know lots in CN

The reason i am joinging is because i rember raiding and having lots of fun and not have ppl scream about loot ect and it was very chill

I read the rule YES!!!!

Hope i can join yall

I have no alts

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Post by Galarina » Fri Apr 01, 2005 7:21 am

Hi Deifian. Thank you for your app and interest in CN. I see you're already joining our apps channel as of last night. Welcome. You can immediately join us on raids and events. Please be patient because guilding usually takes 2-3 weeks. Generally, the more you join the channel and we all get to know each other, the more votes you get and the faster the process goes. You are below our minimum level of 65 but I know you're working hard on those levels. You may have a little trouble right now getting groups with current members but it'll get better.
We're glad you apped. Looking forward to meeting you.
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