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by kinkan
Tue Feb 21, 2006 12:21 pm
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Topic: Planes of Power 2... Er.. I mean Prophecy of Ro patch notes.
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I think what they did with DoD (the mission rewards and such) was a good thing. Yes, they do need to take out the /taskadd at end and still get the reward, But it is good that they put in time/GoD quality loots on the misisons as rewards. If you look at all the raiding guilds server wide, if they ar...
by kinkan
Tue Feb 21, 2006 11:31 am
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Topic: So, how is it????
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The servers went down at 5:00 AM EST time. Scheduled downtime was 12 hours. Throw in the 2 hour buffer for any problems encountered during the patch. Servers will be back up between 3 PM and 7 PM. But most likely they will be back up around 5:30-6pm from what i have expereienced on all the long patc...
by kinkan
Sat Feb 18, 2006 5:58 pm
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Topic: What is happening to our world?
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I apologize, wasnt meant to sound so general. Post deleted.